Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to Make Your Own Patchwork Bags

Patchwork bags and Bohemian bags are the latest trend. You will find these bags featuring in the entire top fashion list.

Patchworks bags are easily available online and are not very expensive. However, if you want to show your creativity, and make your own patch work bag, it is actually a good idea. Lets us see how to make your own patchwork bag:

First, you will need to decide what type of patchwork you would want in your bag and collect the material accordingly.

You will need the following material:

  • Fabric purse in bright color
  • Small fabric pieces in contrast to the purse. For example if your fabric purse is in blue, choose pink, green or red.
  • For decoration, you can choose beads, rhinestones, shells, mirrors and laces.
  • Needles, thread in the matching color, and scissors.

Steps to be followed:
  • Take a silk or cotton fabric, either plain or with small prints such as tie dye design.
  • Cut the fabric in to small pieces of the desired shape. Some of the popular shapes are diamond and squares. Alternatively, if you have some motifs in fabric such as dancing girl, elephant, or any other attractive piece of cloth, you can use it as patch in your bag.
  • Decide where you want to fix all the patches in the bag.
  • Fold the patch from all the sides slightly, to give it an even look. Now, start taking small stitches at the edges. Remember to take the same colored thread as the patch, so that the stitches are not visible.
  • Stitch all the patches all over the purse.
  • Now is the time to start decorating the patchwork purse.
  • The edges of the patch work can be decorated either with laces, rhinestones, beads, shells, mirror etc depending on your choice and availability. You can use a combination of these decorative materials to make your patch work bag look exclusive.
  • You can even stick the beads etc with glue.
If you want to get fresh ideas on making your own patchwork bag, you can surf various sites online. You can also visit websites dealing with Patchwork bags to find out whats hot in the market.

Making a patch work bag is an intricate task and will require lots of patience from your side. If you have the patience and a creative bend of mind, then, get started to make your own unique patchwork bag.

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Designing Your Custom Fabric Hippie Bags

Hippie Bags are very much in style these days. Many famous celebrities all over the Hollywood are seen carrying these types of Bags. Many Handbag brands have introduced this style of Bags to their catalog. These Bags are featured in the best fashion magazines also.

Hippie Bags are usually made of vintage recycled fabrics and are also available online. The true nature of a Hippie Bag is that they are one-of-a kind and no 2 Bags can be identical since they are made from vintage fabrics. The handbags made of fabric are perfect for a chic look. These bags are specially designed to be large and spacious with a long shoulder strap for a comfortable look.

You will require a variety of material when making your own Hippie Bag. Try finding a vintage fabric with some nice bold print or embroidery work on it. The fabric used should be natural fabric preferably cotton. A jute rope or a thick fancy lace trimming for the shoulder strap of the bag.

Steps in making of a Bag

· Cut two equal rectangle pieces of the fabric. Preferred size should be 15" x 15"

· Take a plain color fabric for lining and cut it in the same size.

· Take one of the vintage fabric and the linings and fold them 2 times approximately 0.25 centimeters from one end. The fold should be facing the lining. Now sew this fold.

· Repeat the above step with the other set of the main fabric and the lining.

· Now take the 2 set of fabrics and put them together with the lining side facing outside from both the sides. Now sew the fabrics from the 3 sides. Let the top remain open.

· Then take a nice jute rope or a thick fancy string for the shoulder strap. The ideal length should be 40 inches.

· Sew the rope from one end of the top of the Bag to the other end of the Top.

· Now inverse the Bag from inside out. Your Hippie Bag is ready for use.

· You can also put a button at the top for enclosure.

This bag is easy to make and very comfortable to carry. For more ideas and patterns on various styles of Hippie Bags, go online and visit websites selling these types of Bags. If you are not into sewing and like these Bags then do not worry, because here are ample of choices available online and at good prices.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

What makes Bohemian Handbags so Unique

  • Bohemian Style is very much in fashion these days. The Bohemian Handbags makes you feel look cool and trendy.

  • These Bohemian Handbags are all handmade in India. Some of them are made from Vintage Fabric. Since The Bohemian Handbags are Handmade it is very difficult to find an exact same piece making you one of the owners of this unique Bohemian Handbag.

  • These Bohemian Handbags are made of Fabric. Usually the Fabric used is Cotton or Cotton blend. You can find them in attractive colors with vivid embroidery work or patchwork embedded with Mirrors or sequins.

  • The Bohemian Handbags are mostly big enough in Size to fit in all your important stuff in style. You will never have to leave any of your purse essential accessories because of space problem.

  • These Bohemian handbags are perfect for casual use.